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GMS Visitors to Canada and Supervisa Insurance Plan

We aim to help you with your emergency medical needs while in Canada, whether you are just visiting or planning to make Canada your permanent home. Visitors and immigrants planning an extended stay in Canada will benefit from GMS’s Annual Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Plans. For medical emergencies in Canada, it provides 365 days of uninterrupted coverage 365 days a year. Additionally, you are not required to reapply for coverage when you return to your country of origin. Insure In Canada offers Super visa medical insurance through Pankaj Bhatia to help you and your family protect against unexpected medical expenses. He will ensure you get the care you need when you visit your family or friends in Canada for a few days or months.

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To assist in protecting your family with insurance, Pankaj Bhatia from Insure In Canada is proudly associated with GMS and provides you with competitive quotes from GMS Super Visa Insurance and Medical Insurance plans.
The benefits include:
  • Hospitalization – Up to semi-private and intensive care unit charges are covered, as determined by a physician (if medically necessary, coronary care and intensive care unit charges are also included).
  • Medical Services – Provides coverage for physician or surgeon treatment.
  • Diagnostic Services – Provides coverage for x-rays and other diagnostic tests.
  • Coverage Continuation – For covered persons hospitalized for 72 hours or more after their coverage expires, coverage continues.
  • In-Hospital Prescription Drugs – Provides coverage for prescription drugs and medications prescribed by a physician (up to a 30-day prescription).
  • 24-Hour Travel Assistance Services – Coordinating all medical care, transportation, and repatriation; telephone interpretation in most languages; monitoring recovery progress by managed care companies.

Benefits are available while travelling outside Canada, provided neither the United States nor Mexico is your country of origin. 50% of your trip must be spent in Canada, beginning and ending in Canada.

  • An air ambulance provides emergency medical care.
  • Attendants with special needs
  • A child’s escort is provided as part of the insurance policy
    • Choose the coverage you need with our simple online application:

    • Deductibles range from $0 to $1,000. You can choose the amount you are willing to pay.
    • Coverage levels range from $25,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 to $150,000, depending on your needs.
    • You determine your coverage period
  • Under 55-year-olds do not need to answer any medical questions.
  • Applicants who apply before arriving in Canada do not have to wait. While in Canada, you must wait 48 hours before applying for or extending coverage.

As described in the Exclusions section of your policy document, your coverage is subject to several exclusions. A few of these exclusions are listed below, although this is not an exhaustive list.
Pankaj Bhatia from Insure In Canada can provide instant quotes for Supervisa Insurance and Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance from GMS. Pankaj Bhatia has served many Supervisa insurance clients’ needs by providing the most economical quotes from GMS. Click here for a quote.</strong>

Please review the policy wording, benefits offered by the GMS and exclusions.

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