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Manulife Visitors to Canada and Supervisa Insurance Plan

Are you planning to visit Canada with family or friends from outside the country? Our government health insurance plans do not cover visitors who aren’t Canadian citizens. In the event of illness or accident in Canada, visitors may have to pay significant out-of-pocket medical expenses. You must provide proof from a Canadian insurance company that you have a minimum of $100,000 in private medical insurance to apply for a Super Visa. It is possible to fulfill this requirement with our Emergency Medical plan.

Visitors to Canada Should Have an Emergency Medical Plan

As Per the insured, emergency medical benefits are available up to the amount purchased.

  • Hospital and physician services
  • Paramedical services
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Preparation and return of mortal remains
  • Emergency air transportation home
  • Additional meals and hotel
  • Visit bedside if travelling alone
  • Childcare
  • Return of children
  • Return your travel companion
  • Trip Break
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You are also covered for travel accidents when you purchase Emergency Medical Insurance.

  • In the event of an accidental bodily injury, Manulife will pay $50,000 if the insured dies, becomes blind in both eyes, or loses two limbs above the wrist or ankle joints within 365 days.
  • Manulife will pay $25,000 if an accidental bodily injury results in the insured becoming completely and permanently blind in one eye or having one limb entirely severed above a wrist or ankle joint within 365 days of the accident.
  • Consider the case where the insured is injured on more than one occasion throughout the trip. The insured will receive the applicable sum only if the accident entitles him to the most significant benefit.


This insurance is available to the following individuals:

  • Canadian visitors;
  • Individuals who do not qualify for benefits under a government health insurance plan issued by a Canadian province or territory;
  • Visa-holding individuals in Canada; or
  • An immigrant waiting to be covered by a Canadian province or territory’s government health insurance.


The following coverage levels are available to applicants aged 85 or younger: $15,000, $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 Coverage of $150,000 is available to applicants aged 69 or younger. To qualify for coverage under any plan, the applicant must:

  • An individual who travels against their physician’s advice;
  • In the last two years, he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness;
  • Dialysis is required for kidney disease;
  • During the 12 months prior to application, used home oxygen;
  • Any form of dementia, including Alzheimer’s;
  • Under 30 days of age or over 85 years of age at the time of coverage (over 69 years of age for $150,000);
  • Currently resides in a nursing home, a home for the aged, a rehabilitation center, or another long-term care facility;
  • It is necessary to assist with eating, bathing, toilet use, changing positions (including getting into and out of a chair or bed), and dressing.

  • The following plans are available to non-pre existing clients:- Plan A : A Plan A application must meet the eligibility requirements listed above.
  • Those with preexisting medical conditions may choose Plan B.:If you are over 40 years old, you must also truthfully answer ‘No’ to all questions on the Medical Questionnaire to qualify for Plan B.
  • Including side trips in the coverage : When travelling outside Canada, this insurance covers side trips that originate or terminate in Canada and don’t exceed the lesser of 30 days per policy or 49% of the total number of days covered by the policy.
  • A break during a trip: If the Assistance Centre has approved the return to the policyholder, the coverage will continue without termination. As long as the policyholder is at home, the policy will not be terminated, but the coverage will be suspended. Once the policyholder returns to Canada, the suspension of coverage will end. There will be no premium refund for any days during any return home.

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